The mobile van is a unique concept of reaching out to the remotest area and the poorest of people like those in the remote salt pans.

  Welcome to SEWA Sanskar Kendra
SEWA Sanskar Kendra (SSK) envisaged as the 'hub' or centre of activity for a cluster of ten to fifteen villages. SSKs were established keeping in mind that the women in the rural communities had requirements of diverse information while they had the least access to information and communication technologies. Therefore, there was a constant need for information on people's entitlements, enhancing their capacities, accessing markets, technical solutions for livelihoods as well as technologies to cater to these requirements.
Training Activities       Information Dissemination
SEWA's Community Learning Centre has evolved as a multi-purpose training centre running a wide variety of activities to uplift rural, poor women and children who had no access to formal education and livelihood opportunities
      One of the main intentions to establish SSK was to create an information hub for the village community where poor and deprived members would be served by getting useful information. SEWA's ICT diffusion and also infusion in agricultural sector provided the
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Video Conferencing       Village Database
SSK also gave an opportunity to members to experiment with using video conferencing as a means of communication. Video conferencing had its genesis in SatCom operations of SEWA. The idea was that emerging technologies could be merged       A database on the village cluster and profiles of its women members (along with her household's information) had been developed at the SSK level. The chief aim of this exercise was preparedness to face disasters. The process was accelerated by the tools and technology available readily at
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