The mobile van is a unique concept of reaching out to the remotest area and the poorest of people like those in the remote salt pans.

  The Integrated Approach comprises of

for collective strength bargaining power and representation in committees and boards at district, state, national and international levels; for preparedness in emergency.

Capital Formation
at the household level through access to financial services (savings, credit and insurance) to build up and create assets in women’s name (banc balance, work shed, equipment, house, cattle, land); to build a financial cushion in times of need.
Capacity Building

to stand firm in the competitive market i.e. access to market infrastructure, access to technology information, education, knowledge, relevant skills (like financial management and planning). Capacity building is also essential for Disaster-Awareness Education.

Social Security

in terms of health care, child care, shelter and insurance should be provided to combat the chronic and acute risks faced by members and their families; to enhance their well-being and productivity and to ensure that sickness or sudden crises are not a drain on their fragile household economies.